Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New start

I've deleted everything except for my obligatory first post...time for a fresh start in the blogging world...and a hope and a prayer that I stick to it better this time.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

{obligatory 'first post' post}

So...yea, I've started this blog and right now...I can't say I know what anyone should expect. I don't ever even know what to expect from myself, except that I've become pretty certain of my quirkiness.

I know I plan to be interesting, and offer up explanations on how I achieve things. Probably not much about my life, because even I can't explain that one. I mean you know...in Photoshop probably...or anything else I learn. It could really mean anything. So here's my seed, I'm planting it. Maybe some of you like me. 

:gaze off and fantasize about screaming hoardes: 

Sorry I...ok...maybe not that many. Or any. :shrug: 

I'm going to...do my best to translate pieces of my brain for y'all. (Yes, I'm Texan, which makes the word perfectly allowable.) I guess we'll both (um...all?) see how that goes together. 

And as a little sign off, for the select few (or potentially my invisible non-existent audience, you too) wondering what exactly the "Oshei" thing is all about...my name is Ashley, my super awesome tiny little niece calls me Ah-shcea. Ah-shcei written out sounds like a medical skin diagnosis. Oshei is a great and fairly phonetically-similar once you know not to pronounce it with a flat osh but ah-schea. And plus, if you forget how to find me, you can switch the pronounciation and think..."Oh what was it...oh she creates stuff...:snapping:..." (:cough: Which shouldn't be a problem if you bookmark or follow me. :flimsy teeth baring smile:)

With love,